Kyocera 7.0 inch WVGA Trans missive color TFT with LED back-light and constant current circuit for LED back-light and touch panel



Product Description – Buy Kyocera 7.0 inch

Buy Kyocera 7.0 inch: This Kyocera LCD module has been specially designed for use only in electronic devices and industrial machines in the are of audio control, office automation, industrial control, home appliances, etc. The module should not be used in applications where the highest level of safety and reliability are required and module failure or malfunction of such module results in physical harm or loss of life. Such fields of applications include, without limitation, medical, aerospace, communications infrastructure, and atomic energy control. Kyocera expressly disclaims any and all liability resulting in any way to the use of the module in such applications.

Construction and Outline

LCD: Transmissive color dot matrix type TFT

Backlight System: LED

LCD Interface: LVDS

Additional Circuit: Timing controller, Power supply (3.3V input) with Constant current circuit for LED Backlight.

Touch Panel: Projected capacitive touch panel Powered by MXT336U 336-node touchscreen controller.

Touch Panel: I2C (Equipped Touch Panel IC)

Surface film: Anti-Glare Anti-Finger print treatment.

Mechanical Specifications

Outline Dimensions: 169.8(W) x 109.7(H) x 9.2(D) Unit: mm

Active area (LCD): 152.4(W) x 91.44(H) (17.8cm/7.0inch (Diagonal))  Unit:mm

Active area (Touch Panel): 152.4(W) x 91.44(H) Unit:mm

Dot Format: 800x (R,G,B)(W)x480(H) Unit:Dot

Dot pitch: 0.0635(W)x0.1905(H) Unit:mm

Base color: Normally Black

Surface hardness: 3H

Mass: 260 Unit:g

Warning – Buy Kyocera 7.0 inch

Customer to indemnify, defend and hold kyocera harmless from and against any and all actions, claims, damages, liablities, awards, costs, and expenses, including legal expenses, resulting from or arising out of customer’s use, or sale for use, or Kyocera modules in applications.


Kyocera shall have the rights, which Customers hereby acknowledges, to immediately scrap or destroy tooling for Kyocera modules for which no Purchase Orders have been received from the Customer in tow-year period.

The product shall be installed so that there is no pressure on the LSI Chips. When LCD is installed, power shall be put off. Same applies to plug in/out of FFC/FPC/Cable. When handling connector, please do not make any excessive pressure than needed. Buy Kyocera 7.0 inch, It may damage the LCD. Since this product is wide viewing product, occurrence level of in-plane unevenness by the external stress is different compared to current normal viewing product. So there is a possibility that in-plane unevenness will be occurred by over twist, strain giving by attaching to LCD, and over pressure to touch panel. Please be careful of stress when designing the housing. A transparent protection sheet is attached to the touch panel. Please remove the protection film slowly before use, paying attention to static electricity.


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